We use technologies and experience of the insurance telematics world leading company to perform tasks of insurance companies in Russia and the CIS.

UBI Technolоgies
UBI Technologies offers a telematics insurance solution based on technologies of the world leading company
Our advantages
Leading technologies
We have exclusive rights to use technologies of the insurance telematics world leading company
Understanding the specifics
Our team is high-class experts in the field of insurance products. Some of them worked in the largest insurance companies
Customization of the solution
We can adapt the solution to needs of the client, taking into account his business processes
Why is our solution for scoring and evaluating accidents the most accurate one?
№ 1 in the world
over 40% of the global insurance telematics market uses this solution
200 billion km
of the traveled distance already analyzed

insurance companies around the world use this solution
400 thousand
accidents analyzed
20+ countries
where this solution is present
16 years
of work and improvement of the algorithms for scoring and evaluation of accidents
Advantages for insurers
Attraction of new clients

Individual rates based on the driving style analysis are more beneficial to policy holders compared to those calculated by traditional methods
Cleanup of the portfolio

Assessment of customers by scoring algorithms will provide more objective risk calculation of occurrence of an insured event and the tariff rate cost
Fraud risk mitigation

Thanks to the accidents reconstruction technology and prompt record of losses, it is possible to quickly get a picture of an accident and reduce attributed losses
High percentage of prolongation of motor types insurance policies
Special rates based on the results of driving style evaluation and prompt response to accidents will increase loyalty to the insurance company
Benefits for policy holders
Attractive rates for safe drivers
Safe drivers will get more attractive rates and will be interested to renew their insurance certificates.
Reduction of loss adjustment time
An insurance company is automatically informed about the accident and contacts the insured to record losses at the time of an accident
Road accident emergency aid
An insurance company quickly responds to the accident and, if necessary, can call an assistance company, an ambulance and issue a certification for a vehicle service station
Increasing safety and reducing fuel costs
Improved driving style will not only improve driver safety, but will also reduce fuel consumption, wear of brake pads, wheels and tires
Solution components
Evaluate driving style and offer individual rates
Scoring algorithms were developed involving the analysis of more than 400 thousand traffic accidents and 200 billion kilometers traveled. It is almost one and a half thousand times more than the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

The assessment takes into account not only sudden accelerations, braking, turning, lane changing, speeding, but also types of roads, time of day and other parameters.

The interface allows you to filter the data of policy holders who use telematics equipment by various criteria, including types of violations, date, driving experience, types of roads and others and also to compare their performance with aggregate figures of the portfolio.
First Notice of Loss (FNOL)
Respond promptly to accidents and increase customer loyalty
Immediately after an accident an initial notification of an accident comes to an insurance company. Prompt record of the accident and informing the operator about the accident allows you to respond quickly to the accident and, if necessary, to assist the insured.

The operator can immediately register the damaged parts of the car, and if it is inconvenient for the driver to talk, then set a time for an additional call to the policy holder.
Reconstruction of an accident
Get the full picture of the accident and prevent fraud.
The solution allows you to analyze detailed data on the accident, avoiding distortion of the facts:

- acceleration values along the X, Y, Z axes recorded by the telematics device before and after the accident;

- the direction and force of impacts at the time of the accident;

- the probable severity of the driver's injury (AIS 6);

- coordinates of the accident presented on the map.

Full data on accidents will speed up the procedure for the loss settlement and eliminate road accident insurance fraud.
Use a turnkey solution with precision equipment
The equipment is installed on the vehicle battery and does not require special installation service.

The device is securely fixed and accurately tracks a large number of parameters.

Installation and activation time: 3-5 minutes.

How it works
A customer chooses tariff with telematics
A policy holder signs the contract with the installation of the telematics unit. The cost of insurance is revised depending on the scoring points
Installing a telematics device
Either a special installer or a policy holder himself can quickly install and activate the telematics unit. Mounting on the battery allows you to accurately assess the driving style and does not interfere with the driver
A policy holder uses the vehicle and telematics collects data based on which a special scoring algorithms evaluates the driving style
Providing individual rate
A policy holder receives a tariff tailored to him, and the insurance company will be able to more accurately calculate its risks and improve the technical result
Primary alert in case of an accident
The initial accident alert allows you to quickly respond to an event and provide assistance. And also register its fact and damaged parts of the car. If necessary, you can assign a second call to the client
Reconstruction of the accident
In the interface you can see the full information on the accident and assess the damage claimed by the client and confirmed by telematics. Objective telematics data will prevent fraud
Extension of casco insurance certificate for the next year
A safe driver prolongs the insurance certificate as he is offered a favorable rate. A high level of service including quick settlement of losses and assistance in case of an accident increases loyalty
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